Which Features Have Been Looked In Making Reno Mattress

By giving a shape that contains lots of stones of different shapes and bound by wire, the looks can be quite unique. Such unique looks have been found with the reno mattress, which is a type of boundary or embankment or even flooring created by the wire mesh holding the layers of stone. This kind of shape can be used in building as well as in case of water, where the depth is not much, but the strength remains to be maintained. Even in the case of sack gabion, the strength seems to be much more important than the exactness of the shape. In this kind of setting, the wire materials are required to be strong with flexibility also, because the shape is usually quite bend and in different types. So, the aim is to create a mass of stones, which needs to be well wound with wire and tethering.


  • Strength and flexibility of sack gabion helps in making boundaries or banks

Clusters of stones are very effective in preventing erosion or the washing away of the soil due to water or slope. Different shapes are required to be held together and this is where the reno mattress can be of use. It is important to hold the stones of different shapes in place, with adequate weight as well as strength. In such requirements, the wire needs to be quite strong, but the flexibility is maintained, while the total mass has a weight which can be utilised for the purpose.

Application of gabions is nowadays found in plenty of places, but the important feature about such structures is their strength. It is necessary to create gabions of stones with wire, such as in case of sack gabion, which is flexible, usually cylindrical or round.


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