Strength And Durability Being The Features Of Twisted Wire Mesh Applications

When stone falls on to the wire net put up along the slopes, there should be sufficient strength in the given structure to prevent the fall and remain in shape. This is the strength required in the rockfall protection mesh, which is being nowadays designed in the form of twisted wire mesh. This kind of netting gives sufficient strength to the given protection netting put up along the slopes or over the stone structures on the slope. The purpose of using rockfall protection netting is to have the protection for underlying structures or people below from the stones from falling. This is being used in plenty of places nowadays with unique appearances and twisted wire mesh is used to keep the net strong. Such features are necessary for the protection mesh that is to be created and it is being successfully done with the manufacturing of this kind of mesh.

rockfall protection netting

• In the rockfall protection netting, there should be strength and durability

Features of strength and durability are a must in the rockfall protection netting because it needs to hold stones of large and small sizes. There may be stones going down the slopes especially during storms and rain, which needs to be protected from falling down on structures or people. So, the netting has to be strong to resist the fall and still contain it in the mesh and then it could be easily removed.

Many considerations are to be taken into account, when rockfall protection mesh is being designed. This mesh is nowadays designed using twisted wire mesh format, so that there is good strength. Also, the wire should be durable so that it is not required to be changed within a short period, thereby making the one time investment last long.


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